Online Roulette Real Money Vs Free Roulette For Fun

Online Roulette Real Money Vs Free Roulette For Fun

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You can get experience by playing online roulette games for free but this will at most provide you with some practice and will never give you the real gambling feel of betting for real money.

Playing roulette with a live dealer is also possible online. It is the best option if you want to chat with someone while playing online roulette and have that real authentic casino experience from the comfort of your home.

Unlike in free online roulette real money bets are to be placed when you are playing for cash which makes you weigh your every decision since higher responsibility requires more attentiveness.

Although you can check how lucky you are while enjoying the free game of real money online roulette wins will be an impetus for you to get a better understanding of odds in this game.

Quick tip #2: Make sure you’ve practised free roulette games enough to feel confident making real money bets.

While playing online you can choose many game strategies on the Internet and use the best freely available odds calculators. We also provide some basic online roulette strategies which you can find on the following page named Online Roulette Rules and Strategies.


Real roulette is one of the most popular, sophisticated online casino games ever invented. Some would say that there is no greater excitement than betting on a specific number on roulette and waiting to see if you’ll have a stroke of fortune. However, there’s much more to roulette than just luck of the draw. Anyone can find their optimal play mode and features when they play online roulette for real money.


Understanding the odds is vital for developing a successful online casino roulette strategy to focus on during the gameplay. If we consider the case when we bet on red or black and win 1:1 when the ball stops on any of the 18 pockets of the same colour, our odds will be 18/38 provided that the total number of pockets in the wheel equals 38. So be careful when betting on one single number. Although the payout is very high (35:1) the odds are low (1/38) and that puts your money at a real risk.

Although the odds and payouts are different on different bets, the house edge is the same and one has to resort to the best combinations of bets to tip the edge in one’s favour.


Many of the players who are new to this game tend to spend too much cash when starting to play roulette online for money.

In order to avoid this mistake, you should do your best to keep an eye on your bankroll. You should never forget that although you are playing an online roulette game real money is at stake.

You might have heard about different sophisticated game strategies for tipping the edge in your favor. Many have never been proven, however, others were developed by the best gambling brains and if you understand them well you will be able to win more in real casino games. Whatever game strategy you plan to implement to play real money roulette online it will be best if you first test it in the demo mode. On our website, you can find many free roulette demos to practice your playing skills. You can read more about mathematically proven strategies on our website.

If you are new to gambling you should first of all play for free and only after gaining sufficient experience you can play roulette online game for real money.

Don’t get discouraged when a loss streak begins. Simply lower your bets to keep your money safe. As in any other kind of human activities you will see some ups and downs when you play money roulette for cash. However, you should not be either discouraged when the ball lands the wrong pocket or get inebriated when your best times come to win really big cash.


As we’ve hinted previously, there are real money players who prefer a roulette online game for real money, as opposed to those who enjoy playing live, in physical casinos. There are many arguments, pros and cons for both sides. Let’s take a look at both:


  1. Great availability and a lot to choose from. If you are an online real money gambler, the world’s your oyster. There are so many online casinos, betting sites, poker software and others that it’s almost hard to keep up. Given the great popularity of roulette money games, you can find it in almost every online casino that exists on the Internet and powered by Netent or Microgaming. So, depending on your preferences, stakes, and strategy, you can choose from different providers and find the best online roulette for real money.
  2. A lot of payment methods. In a traditional casino, you can only use cash and sometimes credit cards. If you are an online real money roulette player, there are over 50 payment methods available that you can use for deposits and withdrawals. From credit cards to e-wallets such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, as well as bank deposits and wire transfers, you can enjoy the maximal convenience and choose the payment method that suits you best in a given moment.
  3. Limits and comp points inside gambling operator accounts. As a loyal online casino player, you can enjoy higher betting limits the more you play, as well as comp points which can later be redeemed for cash. Comp points are points the casino rewards you with every time you wager a bet.
  4. Anywhere and Anytime. Before the Internet, if you wanted to play casino games for real money, you would have to go to a physical casino. What if it’s snowing outside, and you feel like playing a couple of rounds of real money roulette? What if you’re bored in a waiting room and you know time would fly by if you were making bets? Internet gambling solves these nuisances. You can gamble anywhere with an Internet connection.
  5. Redeeming a bonus. One of the greatest perks of real roulette sites is the variety of bonuses they offer for their players. They come in many forms: as free roulette spins, deposit matching, extra real money and so much more. So, when you’re playing for real money in an online casino, you often have a lot more cash to play with than what you actually deposited. Online casinos especially value their loyal players. If you are a frequent and big player in one online casino, in particular, you will enjoy many perks of the VIP club and loyalty rewards.
  6. Multicurrency options. Similarly to payment methods, brick and mortar casinos usually offer to play in one currency only. That is the currency of the country where the casino is located, with few exceptions such as Vegas, Monaco and Monte Carlo which offer multi currencies for their tourist players. Online casinos that pay real money are a whole another story. There, you can use your payment method (e-wallets, credit cards, bank deposits) to deposit in almost any currency you like. All online casinos offer big currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, etc., but you can find casinos that support any currency you would like to use. You can find a list of casino offering some foreign currencies here.
  7. Testing roulette strategies. Online roulette gambling for money is a game of strategy, and there are many of them to choose from and test out. When you play roulette for money in an online casino, you can test all of these known strategies beforehand! Using free bonus money or a test account, you can try different methods for online real roulette money so that when you switch to an online roulette game (for cash), you use methods that are tested out and successful.
  8. Real atmosphere. The biggest appeal of traditional casinos is, of course, the atmosphere. To play real roulette money sitting on a table in a big casino is an amazing feeling – it takes us back to the „old days“ of gambling and surrounds us with the atmosphere of euphoria, excitement, and fortune. This excitement is something you can also feel in an online casino, but what online casinos can’t offer is the magnificent interior design bordering on tacky and your fellow gamblers playing by your side.
  9. Meeting new people. If you have ever gambled in a real casino or frequently visited casinos, you know the feeling of closeness and comradeship you can develop with other players. No one can understand your feeling towards roulette as a fellow gambler. The casino is an amazing place to meet new people, make friends and share a story or two. After all, in casinos, almost all players are full of amazing stories – big wins and fortunate streaks, losses, risking a lot more than non-gamblers would ever risk.
  10. Really high stakes. If you are a high roller in the search for very high stakes, you will be more likely to find them in a brick and mortar casino than an online casino. This especially applies to Vegas, Atlantic City, Monte Carlo and other gambling havens. They welcome big players and treat them well, in terms of accommodation, entertainment, perks, free gifts, etc. But besides that, they will also let big players get wild with stakes on the tables.